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Bakery Team Members, Magherafelt.
Starting at £9 per hour. You may have the opportunity to increase the rate, as you develop and become more multi-skilled and competent across sections.
About Genesis
Genesis is the place where we make, bake, shape, flip, roll, knead, stretch, and generally craft delicious things.
For us, baking is the perfect mix of creativity and science. We use only the finest quality ingredients, combined together with care and attention and then baked in precisely the right heat for exactly the right time.
We are a craft bakery, which means that we still have bakers kneading, rolling and piping by hand, that’s why we can create the fabulous treats which we all love to eat.
Other people like what we do too, so although you probably know that you can buy Genesis products in your friendly local retailer, what you might not know is that we also make a lot of delicacies for retailers such as Waitrose and Marks and Spencer, which are then sold all over the world!
You need to have really high standards to do that and a true pride in what you do and that’s what our team have got.
Roles available
Our Bakery has many sections. You will be part of working as one big team, with each area playing an equally important role in the Genesis production process.
Bakery: This is where the magic starts. This section receives raw materials, weighs ingredients, mixes and prepares all sorts of delicious things. It can involve heavy lifting and moving of ingredients and precision of weighting.
Baking / Ovens: This is where goods are baked in our ovens. This section bakes and de-pans the goodies fresh from the ovens and cools them. It can be a very warm environment and precise attention to detail is required to ensure temperature and timings are exact.
Finishing (Piping and Decorating): This is where we get creative. This involves highly-skilled decorating and finishing processes which are completed by hand. Precision and attention to detail are a must. It involves high levels of concentration and a steady hand. Although it can be repetitive, it is really rewarding to see the lovely creations.
Packing: This is where we wrap, box and label our scrumptious creations. This section skilfully packs and presents the final products for many of our different big brand customers, as well as for selling locally under our own much-loved Genesis brand. Speed, hand and eye co-ordination and careful handling of the product is essential.
To get more information
Please go to our website for things like…essential and desirable criteria, for what we can offer you and what happens next!
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Genesis is an equal opportunities employer

  • Permanent
  • Magherafelt
  • Closing date: Friday 21 Jan 2022
  • Salary: £9
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