Marine, Environment and Biodiversity Lead

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Belfast Harbour


T:  +44 (0)28 9055 4422


Job Purpose
Reporting to the Infrastructure and Sustainability Director the Marine, Environment and Biodiversity Lead will play a key role in strengthening and delivering on Belfast Harbour's sustainability ambition.
The successful candidate will drive change and innovation through a range of projects in the Marine, Environment and Biodiversity field across the Harbour estate.
This exciting new position will play a leading role as the Harbour looks to deliver on its ambition to become a green port rooted in sustainable business practices whilst proactively engaging with stakeholders and the communities we serve across Northern Ireland.

Key Responsibilities

  • To set organisational marine, environment and biodiversity targets, developing plans
  • to meet those targets and oversee their delivery.
  • To coordinate all aspects of pollution control, waste management, recycling, environmental health, and conservation activity across the Harbour Estate.
  • To lead the implementation of environmental policies and practices.
  • To ensure compliance with environmental legislation and keep up to date with relevant NI and UK wide regulation and legislation.
  • To develop and implement environmental management systems to continually improve the impact of the organisation on the environment.
  • To carry out marine, environment and biodiversity audits and assessments, identifying and resolving issues and ensuring necessary changes are implemented in line with best practice.
  • To liaise with relevant bodies such as local authorities, public bodies and competent bodies.
  • To prepare timely reporting of marine, environment and biodiversity activity through regular reporting alongside medium and long term planning to support our wider sustainability agenda.
  • To build, analyse and manage a suite of relevant KPIs aimed at mapping trends, identifying opportunities and managing risk with regards to marine, environment and biodiversity activity across the organisation and the Harbour Estate.
  • To research and monitor announcements from key industry bodies, institutions, and networks, ensuring that the Harbour is adopting a relevant ‘best-in-class’ approach to activities that affect the natural world.
  • To carry out periodic inspections and audits to identify any observations for improvements.
  • To promote and raise awareness, at all levels of the organisation, the impact of emerging environmental issues.
  • To coach, inspire and educate, both internally and externally, to promote best practice activities with regards to our impact on the natural world and in line with our sustainability ambitions
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