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Restart is a 4-month training programme for 30 individuals who wish to start a career in the video games industry and is open to participants from anywhere within Northern Ireland and from any background. You do not need any particular qualifications or prior video game development experience or training to apply, we want people who are passionate about video games and who are interested to learn more about the skills required to have a career in the industry. Restart is aimed at people 19-30 years who are not in full time education or full-time employment. 
During the programme participants will be trained in how to use the Unity Game Engine with the opportunity to become a Certified Associate Game Developer. Participants will also work as a team to create and develop a short game within 8 weeks.
The goal of the programme is to give participants an introduction into game development and an understanding of the skills and knowledge needed to have a career in the industry. There will also be talks from industry professionals covering different roles within video game development, as well as workshops on interview/portfolio preparation. As part of Restart there will be an opportunity to engage with local education and industry partners to identify education and career pathways.
The programme is free to take part in and participants will be paid a part-time salary to attend (NMW/NLW). Participants will need to be available to take part in training, workshops and projects on Monday, Wednesday and Friday’s from 7th Dec 2020 – 31st March 2021, excluding public holidays. 

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